Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Month Stats

Sleep: You continue to be a great night sleeper. We said goodbye to the swaddler this month. Around 3 ½ months you started sleeping all the way through the night on most nights. Usually from 7pm to 5am. I think you look forward to our bedtime routine. We dim the lights, turn on your soother, and rock you while you have your bottle. Usually you are asleep right after I burp you. So many nights I rock you long after you are asleep on my shoulder. It’s one of my favorite times of the day. Also at 3 ½ months we found you one morning on your tummy! You have rolled over every night since then. Your naps are still quite short, about an hour. But, you wake up happy and refreshed. Right now you are taking about 3 naps a day.

Feed: You must be going through a growth spurt because you recently started eating a lot more. Your bottles usually range from 4-8 oz. First thing in the morning, or after a long nap, you’ll have a big bottle and then before naptime you’ll have a smaller bottle. No solid food yet, maybe next month.

Weight: 12lb 11oz (40%)
Length: 25 Inches (80%)
Diaper Size: Size 1 diaper

Clothes Size: Some 0-3 and some 3-6. You are long and skinny so the 0-3 months are getting a little short and the 3-6 months give you more leg room but are big in the waist.

Hair:  Still dark and we never know what we are going to get! Sometimes water doesn’t even tame it. I don’t think we ever leave the house without a clip or headband in.

Eye color:  Your eyes are still very dark brown. Sometimes we can’t even see your pupil.

Funniest moment: Your belly laughs, smiles, and jibber jabber keep us entertained! You just belt out little squeals and babbles. It’s adorable. I’m trying to teach you to say “HI” and daddy is still determined to teach you to say “DAA DAA.”

Milestone: You are rolling from back to tummy in both directions! You also continue to have a huge fascination with your hands and are always chewing on them. You’ve started sucking your thumb. You can grab and hold toys. Not sure if its early teething, but you have been drooling quite a bit. When you roll onto your tummy and move your arms and legs all at once, like you are swimming! You can also talk continuously for 20 minutes!

Your favorite toy: You’ve started enjoying the jumperoo. You cant quite reach the floor but we put a blanket under you so you can jump a little bit. Now that you like your tummy more we can put toys around you and you like looking at them and touching them. You also like toys that play music, talk, and have lights. We hung a couple toys on your car seat and you like looking and reaching at them.


Talking Talking Talking!
Sucking your thumb
First Thanksgiving
First trip to Nebraska
First real cold
First diaper blowout
First meeting with your extended family (Daddy’s Side)


  1. Look at her! She is adorable in every single way!

  2. I'm quite jealous that you made it to four months before having a diaper blowout! Cate seemed to think it was her duty (no pun intended) to have a blowout on every new outfit we put on her for the first 5 months or so!