Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 Month Stats

2 Months

Sleep: Once you hit 6 weeks you started consistently sleeping 10-12 hours at night.  You usually wake up once around 4 am for a quick bottle and then you are back out.  This has been nice because I was sleeping on the couch with you in your Moses basket the first 6 weeks so Dad could sleep since he was working.  So it’s nice to be back in my bed!  During the day you hardly sleep.  We never know what we are going to get, sometimes your nap is 10 minutes, sometimes 1 hour.  But, with all the sleep you do at night, you are usually in a good mood even with these little cat naps.

Feed: You usually eat 3 oz but lately it’s increasing to 4 oz.  Sometimes during the day after a short nap you like a 2 oz snack.

Weight: 10lb 4oz (35%).  Up 3lb since birth!

Length: 23 inches (73%).  Up 3 inches since birth.  Head size is 15 inches (35%).

Diaper Size: We used up the last of the newborns and moved on to size 1.  At first they were gigantic but now you are fitting into them better!

Clothes Size:  Same as the diapers.  We packed up the newborn clothes and moved on to size 0-3 months.  At first they swallowed you but you are filling them out better now.

Hair:  Your hair is still black and you still have quite a bit.  Your head has grown and your hair has not grown as fast so it has thinned out some since birth.  It’s still curly when wet.  Some days it has a mind of its own and it sticks up in all different directions!  You are getting a little dry scalp and you have been enjoying my scalp massages with a little oil.  You also LOVE getting your hair washed.  I can stick your head right under the faucet and you just lie there and enjoy.

Eyes:  Your eyes were gray for a while but they are now brown.  They are so pretty.
Funniest moment: I still have to say your farts!  At your 2 month appointment the Dr. and I were having a conversation and you farted SO loud.  I continued the conversation as if nothing happened.  Oh, and it was stinky too.  The Dr. managed to remain professional but I could tell by the blank stare on his face that he was really trying not to bust out laughing.

Milestone: Oh boy, so many!  You are smiling, cooing, and talking!!  You sound like a little owl going “whoo whoo.”  Sometimes you just squeal with delight.  You are tracking things a lot more now and you can recognize our voices.  You are sleeping longer at night.  You can hold your neck up for a little bit and you are bearing weight on your legs.  When we are burping you we have to watch out so you don’t head-butt us because you jump up and down, and bounce your little butt up in the air.  You’ll bat at toys.  You love your hands.  You are always playing with them and you enjoy touching things.  You always touch your bottle and your face and you also grab tightly onto your bib.  One of your favorite things to do is look at yourself in the mirror.

Your favorite toys: You still enjoy your swing and this is where you like to take your cat naps.  You are starting to like the bouncy seat a little more, especially when I set it next to the back door.  You love looking outside.  Hands down your favorite is your piano play gym.  You will kick the piano for quite a while.  It makes you laugh and smile so much. This month we put the peek a boo waterfall soother in your crib and you like looking at the blue glow at bedtime.  You like music.  At nap time, I’ll turn on Baby Beethoven or Baby Einstein music and you’ll snuggle up while I rock you.  You enjoy daddy as well.  He sets you on his lap and it’s like instant sleepy time.

Trip to the mall
Shots (BOO!)
Trip to the pumpkin patch
First cold (just the sniffles)
Real bath (which you LOVE)


  1. What a great way to remember how your little girl is growing! She is really just so very beautiful!

  2. I can't believe how little she sleeps during the day but that is awesome that she does so well at night! She is going to be a little miss smarty pants doing all that cooing and smiling already. I can't wait to see her again. She's such a sweetie!

  3. She's gorgeous! Great post!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Happy ICLW!

  4. how sweet! i love that you are keeping track of everything! julie@jam-n-jilly