Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Husker Cutie

When Jons family came to visit, of course they had to stock her up with Husker Gear!  Looks like she's a Husker Fan already.  Jonathan said he's going to start teaching her to say "Go Big Red" and raise her arms during a touch down. I think he's happy to finally have someone to watch the games with.


  1. she is cute as a button!!!! Congratulations Rachel you are going to be an amazing mom to this little darling - you and your hubby must be over the moon!

  2. I adore her! And how cute is Daddy?! You two are going to make amazing parents to that little Angel! How much more exciting can this get?! Tickled!

  3. Rachel, wS your daughter a private adoption? And if you don't mind me asking about cost, I am curious. I have been researching adoption, and it seems so expensive, (36k we were quoted by 3 different agencies) please email me at if you wouldn't mind helping out.