Saturday, May 22, 2010

Extra Vacation Fun

Here are some pictures from the excursions we took while on vacation

ATV and Mini Speed Boats. Jon loved the speed boat. That was enough excitement for me and I opted to skip the ATV portion!

Yal Ku Lagoon

Akumul Bay

Sea turtle at Akumul Bay. We saw 10 turtles. They live peacefully here feeding on the grass.

Playa Del Carmen Beach

Senor Frogs

Jon's favorite quote

Couples sunrise massage on the pier! It was heaven. The breeze, birds chirping, and the waves. I was addicted and actually ended up getting TWO more!!


  1. ugh... that looks SO amazing! I bet you both had a wonderful time. Love how you were able to get so close to the turtles.

  2. Those are some awesome pics- I love the one of the Turtle!!!! And I am so jealous of the couples massage! I want to go now!