Saturday, January 9, 2010

Table For Two

Since I get spoiled on Valentines Day Jonathan gets a special day every January 14th. It's been our tradition since we were dating. This year I'm making filet mignon and lobster tails. It's also exciting because it's our first dinner at our new formal dining table!

I'm sure Jonathan could care less if we were eating off paper plates but I wanted to make the table look pretty. Here's my tablescape.

I also found these neat mini food warmers for our lobster butter!

I'm looking forward to a special night this Thursday!


  1. Beautiful as always!. Why Jan. 14th?

  2. It's the month before Valentines day! Couldn't do it the month after since it's his birthday.

  3. All of this is so beautiful! How exciting and what a great, romantic idea:)

  4. That is a beautiful setting. So romantic! :)

  5. Lovely table setting! Even if he can't appreciate it - I sure do!

    I love doing fancy dinners at home for my husband, we make it a point to use our china at least once a month.

    I think it's really sweet that you spoil him on January 14th. How thoughtful and romantic. And you can't go wrong with steak and lobster! Sounds wonderful, hope you enjoy!

  6. it looks beautiful! and yummy! what a good wife!

  7. What a great idea! The table looks so pretty!