Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hobby Time

Thanks to Jonathan always saying I need a hobby to keep myself occupied I decided to scroll through the recent community college catalog that came in the mail. I was surprised to find the "Personal Enrichment" section! There's some good stuff in there. So this fall Im going to sign up for 6 classes. Im super excited. It's nice because some are multiple sessions but others are just a one day class. They include:

Digital Photography For Travelers
Hors d'Oevres
Basic Cake Decorating
Flower Bed Design
Bulletproof Self Esteem
5 Love Languages Of Marriage

And on my tickler for the future are: Luscious, Low-Fat Quick Meals, Italian For Travelers I and II, and Drawing for the Absolute Beginner.
I bet Jonathan is sorry he even mentioned my lack of hobbys now!


  1. I would love the Digital Photography for Travelers, Hors d'Oevres and Flower Bed Design. My neighbor would love for me to have flower bed design, too!

  2. I'll share my new skills with ya. LOL.